Three Reasons Coworking Spaces are Ideal for the Creative Field

Coworking spaces are on the rise amongst Australian businesses. In Melbourne alone, property experts from Knight Frank found that the number of new coworking hubs has surged by 750% in the last three years. Their growing popularity has been attributed to the rise of start-up companies, the influx of Gen Y workers and a great shift toward self-employment.

Coworking Spaces

Many businesses in the world have found great success in coworking spaces. For the creative industry, more specifically, the setup is favourable. Here’s why:

Collaborative Environment

A coworking space is founded on a non-corporate design that eliminates physical barriers such as cubicles and private offices. This encourages collaborative learning, not only within the team but also with other businesses in the building. Freelancers will find it easy to interact with others and join forces with other creative agencies on various projects.

Effortless Work Exposure

Emerging graphic artists, writers and architects often have difficulties making a name in their respective fields. Talent in the wrong environment can go unnoticed or ignored. In a coworking hub, artists will have many opportunities show their work to other people in the industry. They are most likely to form relationships with like-minded individuals who value the craft as much as they do.

Improved Morale and Productivity

When employees have little to no engagement in the workplace, there is an 87% chance they will depart the company quicker then expected. When a creative business establishes its company in a coworking space, its employees are more likely to stay with the team longer than those who work in more rigid environments. Coworking spaces improve their morale and general outlook on their jobs. The better the morale of a worker, the more productive they become.

A collaborative workplace is the workplace of the future. With Venture X, you can franchise coworking spaces and help other creative businesses thrive. Contact us and start your business with us today.

Big Misconceptions about Coworking Spaces

There’s a lot of advantages of coworking spaces – a lot of these come from people who’ve never experienced working in one. Let us get to know what coworking spaces really are and shed some light on common misconceptions.

Co-Working Space

What is a coworking space?

Coworking spaces are an alternative to expensive office spaces and working in isolation at home or staying at a coffee shop. Coworking spaces do not just offer a physical area to work in; they also provide a supportive community environment. Because of their cost-effectivity and sharing conducive atmosphere, they attract freelancers and startups.

Coworking spaces are too noisy and distracting.

As coworking spaces provide a supportive community, they have open areas for consultations, brainstorming and discussions. Despite this, however, coworking spaces still accommodate various working styles. They have designated quiet areas or private rooms for those who prefer silence.

‘Coworking’ is just a fancy term to upsell a shared office space.

The only similarity of coworking and shared office space is that they both provide a physical work area for non-connected groups and individuals. With a shared office space, however, there is no collaboration or much chance for learning from each other. The coworking space, on the other hand, cultivates mentoring and collaboration. People who co-work often pool their strengths together to help each other meet their objectives.

Coworking is simply a fad.

With the Australian job market evolving, more people are starting their own business or working freelance. In a recent Upwork survey, one-third of our workforce (4.1 million) opt for freelancing.  This implies a huge demand for cost-effective workspaces and this figure is likely to grow in future.

Venture X provides freelancers, start-ups, satellite businesses and other self-employed individuals with an environment conducive to progressive productivity, complete with beautiful, functional workspaces, a centralised café, reception area and fully-fitted meeting rooms. If you want to invest in a coworking franchise and help passionate individuals by providing them with a creative working space, contact us today.

Why Co-working Spaces are a Solid Investment

Traditionally, if you were self-employed, you would simply work from home or go to a nearby café to take advantage of their free Wifi. Nowadays, there’s the opportunity to rent a commercial office space and collaborate with other self-employed individuals. Co-working offices are workspaces made for entrepreneurs, freelancers and small business teams who want to work together in a communal area.

Co-working Space

There are many advantages to investing in co-working spaces. They can enhance a job by allowing for more social interaction, and they can also stimulate higher aspirations and achievements.

Work on Your Own Terms

Working in a communal space gives individuals or small business groups the freedom to manage their work in the way they want. People who work in a co-working space can plan their own work schedule and decide if they want to work in a private space or a collaborative environment by sharing tables with other professionals.

Interact with Different Professionals

Having more opportunities to widen your professional network increases the chances of you meeting other professionals in different industries. Interacting with other freelancers or small businesses broadens your knowledge on various business perspectives that can help you think about long-term goals for your own job. Overall, working in a communal environment can help you be more goal-oriented with your career.

Venture X’s Co-working Spaces

Venture X provides you with an office space franchise opportunity to work in and provide a communal space for a growing number of ventures. Part of the giant United Franchise Group, we do not lack expertise and know-how. This goes a long way in making sure you get the training and support that you need to make your venture successful. Call 1300-653-768 to inquire about our co-working spaces.