When considering the marketing demographics for your shared office space provider, it is important to think about who your clients are. A co-working franchise serves a wide variety of people who are looking for a workspace outside the traditional office setting. These people are coming from backgrounds as freelancers, contractors, people who work from home, and many others. They turn to co-working franchises because they want to work in a collaborative office environment that provides them with the resources they need for their business and allows them to interact with others outside of their profession. However, these clients do not just choose any shared office space provider. They often choose Venture X franchises, and here are three reasons why.

Shared Office Space Provider

#1. A Franchise Means Consistency

Clients like knowing exactly what to expect when they choose a co-working space. Whether a client has to move around from place to place for their jobs or is just looking for a reliable place to work every day, a co-working franchise can offer consistency at every franchise location. A client can find a Venture X location somewhere like Sydney or halfway around the world in Florida. Regardless of where a client is, there is oftentimes a Venture X franchise nearby with consistent plans and memberships available. In addition, every Venture X franchise follows the same business model that is adaptable to most countries, so clients can have a similar experience no matter where they go.

#2. Clients Choose a Shared Office Space Provider that Accommodates

Since we serve such a wide variety of clients, it is important that a shared office space provider like Venture X has a lot of varying plans and services to accommodate them. Clients do not want to pay more than they have to, and when they see that there is a plan that is perfect for them it will entice them to stay. The services and plans that a Venture X offers are a significant reason why clients love our co-working space so much. They come to work every day knowing that they have a plan that fits their specific needs.

Venture X franchises offer plans that cover one-day meetups, to shared desks, all the way up to private offices. In addition, Venture X franchises have conference rooms that can be used for meetings. The variety helps clients find the right plan for them, and they have options to adjust in accordance with what they need. Clients admire the flexibility that goes along with Venture X franchises in terms of plans and services.

#3. They Know the Franchisee Is Trained in the Industry

Clients want a shared office space provider who knows the industry and knows how to run a business. The co-working industry is growing, which means that the office space provider should be keeping up with the latest trends and technologies that are enabling the industry to thrive. Venture X clients love that the franchise owners they work with are experts in the industry (thanks to the top-notch training they receive). In addition, clients choose Venture X because they know that if a problem ever comes up within the franchise, the brand is always there to help.

Investing in a  shared office space provider like Venture X means having countless resources and ongoing support to help you with any issues that may come up along your franchising journey. Franchisees love Venture X because of their dedication to being a quality co-working space provider that’s invested in their growth. Clients can tell when franchisees dedicate themselves to their shared office space experience, which is why they love Venture X too.

For more information about why Venture X stands out from other shared office space providers, contact us today.