The traditional office workplace is becoming a thing of the past as more and more people are moving away from the concept of sitting in a cubicle. Because there is less of a need for a traditional office, there is more of a need for shared co-working spaces. A variety of different people in different professions are looking to work in an environment that accommodates their needs. People who work for themselves such as contractors and freelancers need a space they can dedicate to work, and people who work from home are looking for the same. Now is a better time than any to invest in a co-working business opportunity because the demand is quite large. Let’s learn more about why choosing Venture X may prove to give you an edge over our competitors.

Coworking Business Opportunity

Clients Require Flexibility, and Venture X is Flexible

People are coming from all walks of life to a co-working space. Each one has a different business and therefore has different needs. Many co-working businesses may offer one or two options at one specific location for their clients, but Venture X offers several plans to address every client’s needs. In addition, Venture X franchises are appearing all over the world. More and more entrepreneurs are beginning to see how profitable the shared workspace industry is as more and more people are abandoning the traditional office setting for opportunities to collaborate and work in a more open area.

The shared workspace industry, according to Investopedia, has grown outstandingly in the past five years and is projected to grow to be a $335 billion industry by 2025. Clients are looking for co-working opportunities near you, and a Venture X may be the best way to get in this profitable industry.

Investing in a Franchise Is Better Than Starting a Business

Venture X is a co-working franchise opportunity that can prove to be better than starting your own co-working business. Venture X’s investment is clearly outlined and provides all the necessary costs right from the beginning. When you open your own co-working business, there are a lot of things to consider and a lot of problems that can arise. With an established brand behind you and a well-developed business model, you might have a greater chance of avoiding those problems, which will put you ahead of the competition.

An Award-Winning Family Means an Award-Winning Opportunity

Venture X is part of United Franchise Group, a connected network of different franchise brands around the world. United Franchise Group and its brands have all been recognized for incredible accomplishments and rapid growth, including Venture X. Being part of such a connected brand means you will be provided with the skills that will help you thrive as you open your co-working franchise.

Venture X offers initial training for all new franchisees to learn about the industry and the ins and outs of their co-working franchise. After the training, franchisees also have ample resources and unparalleled support for their franchise to help them get up and running and keep it on a path more poised for success.

There May Be a Co-working Business Opportunity Near You

Venture X has many target markets that we believe would make great locations for our franchises (don’t worry if you don’t see your area on the list — we’re always conducting new market research!). We work with franchisees to find an opportunity near them that encompasses all the site requirements necessary. In addition, we provide industry training after the investment to help franchisees learn the ins and outs of this co-working business opportunity and what the best course for success is.

If you are looking for the right co-working business opportunity, a Venture X franchise may be perfect for you. In an industry that is growing immensely, having an established brand behind you to provide training and support, in addition to a well-developed business model that is easily adaptable can help you find an exciting new career with a co-working franchise.

For more information about the Venture X co-working business opportunity, contact us today.