Now that you have your team of like-minded professionals, you need to start thinking about renting an office for your team to hold meetings and deal with your business operations. A private office space provides your team with a work-conducive environment for you to brainstorm ideas about how to achieve your business goals. Although renting an office has its perks, its leasing process involves a lot of paperwork, and its certification may take weeks or even months. At the end of this, you may not get what you expected out of your office experience.

A man working at an office

Besides renting an office, you can explore the option of working in a co-working space. This communal space invites self-employed individuals, freelancers and other small business groups to work under one roof. Working in a co-working space allows your business group to work in a more collaborative, inspiring and productive environment.

Cost-Saving Space

Choosing to work in a co-working space is a sensible financial decision for small business groups that have a tight budget.  Venture X co-working spaces allow a pay-as-you-go basis, which allows you to take advantage of some benefits normally reserved for long-term packages.

Be Part of a Community

A big advantage of working in a co-working space is that its environment encourages collaboration with other self-employed individuals and small business groups. You can find similar-minded small business groups for you to broaden your network, and you may even want to brainstorm similar business projects with other groups for you to achieve your goals more efficiently. Being part of a co-working space community can allow your business to gain more partners that strive for the same goal.

The Future of Business

Venture X guides you to start your own franchise co-working space that caters to individuals and groups who are looking for an environment to achieve their business goals. Our co-working spaces are fully equipped with meeting rooms and have a centralised café and reception area.

To inquire about starting a franchise with us, call 1300 653 768.