There’s a lot of advantages of coworking spaces – a lot of these come from people who’ve never experienced working in one. Let us get to know what coworking spaces really are and shed some light on common misconceptions.

Co-Working Space

What is a coworking space?

Coworking spaces are an alternative to expensive office spaces and working in isolation at home or staying at a coffee shop. Coworking spaces do not just offer a physical area to work in; they also provide a supportive community environment. Because of their cost-effectivity and sharing conducive atmosphere, they attract freelancers and startups.

Coworking spaces are too noisy and distracting.

As coworking spaces provide a supportive community, they have open areas for consultations, brainstorming and discussions. Despite this, however, coworking spaces still accommodate various working styles. They have designated quiet areas or private rooms for those who prefer silence.

‘Coworking’ is just a fancy term to upsell a shared office space.

The only similarity of coworking and shared office space is that they both provide a physical work area for non-connected groups and individuals. With a shared office space, however, there is no collaboration or much chance for learning from each other. The coworking space, on the other hand, cultivates mentoring and collaboration. People who co-work often pool their strengths together to help each other meet their objectives.

Coworking is simply a fad.

With the Australian job market evolving, more people are starting their own business or working freelance. In a recent Upwork survey, one-third of our workforce (4.1 million) opt for freelancing.  This implies a huge demand for cost-effective workspaces and this figure is likely to grow in future.

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