More companies are realising the benefits of mobilising their workforce. Some are giving their employees the opportunity to work remotely instead of the traditional set-up for staying in the office for eight hours.

Freelancers at a co-working space

Meanwhile, full-time freelancers, small business groups and remote employees have full control and freedom to choose their workspace. In the past, this was limited to two choices: the comfort of their homes or the quiet ambience of cafes.

Recently, with the growing availability and popularity co-working spaces, the face of freelancing and self-employment is quickly changing. Collaborations are made more possible and opportunities to innovate are increasing.

Co-working space is a shared worked environment where people can broaden their network and team up on projects. These spaces provide a contemporary and creative area to work.

When opening a co-working space, you’re faced with two main requirements: a space and a group of people with the same interest.

Building it into a proper space and a business is where things get complicated. Avoid all the hassle by taking advantage of a great co-working space franchise opportunity with VentureX!

The Demand for a Shared Working Space

Before deciding on starting your co-working space business, make sure there is a demand for it in the area that you plan to build it. The idea of co-working needs to be marketed based on its benefits.

Consider hosting a few events that promote the idea of opening a coworking space. Use social media to blast event details and invitations to get as many friends or colleagues to join.

Finding the Right Location

Consider finding a space that is accessible and easy to find. Coworking spaces work well in buildings that have been vacant for a while or have not been used to their maximum capacity. Finding these spaces may help you work out a good deal with a property manager to secure a reasonably priced lease. When you franchise with VentureX, our experts can help you find the perfect location for your new co-working space.


Providing the right facilities and amenities attracts your users. High-speed internet, multiple electrical outlets and conference rooms – these are just some of the features that make a coworking space fully functional.

A Co-working Franchise is the Key to Success

If you need assistance in opening a co-working space, Venture X is the company to call. We provide the opportunity to open a co-working space franchise, so you don’t build the business from the ground up.

As a Venture X franchisee, you can expect world-class training, on-going collaboration and market launch expertise to ensure that your space grows successfully.

We work with you to iron out all details, from financing options, to site selection, to lease negotiation, to build-outs. With us, you get a truly turnkey franchise opportunity.

If you have any inquiries, call 1300 653 768 or reach out to us online!