A co-working space is an excellent way to reach out and cater to Australia’s increasing number of freelancers. As work culture evolves, so must the office space. A co-working space is the result of these changes. It allows freelancers, small start-ups and travelling professionals to plug in, plan and collaborate with others, while still enjoying the comforts of a well-equipped workspace.

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While providing excellent amenities and comfortable furniture is crucial to ensure the success of your co-working space, the location is one of the factors that could make or break your business. Find a location that is convenient, attractive and appealing to start your co-working franchise in Australia.


One of the hallmarks of a great location is convenience. Generally, people flock to co-working spaces that are close to major transport links, such as bus stops or train stations. Access to a nearby carpark is also an attractive factor. A co-working space should be accessible to people using public transport and to those drive to work.

Co-working spaces do well in major business districts. They provide tenants with more opportunities to meet with other businesses and potential clients. The familiar location makes it easier for others to find the space. Over all, it creates more networking opportunities for everyone involved.

Access to Leisure Activities

The line between work and leisure is becoming increasingly blurred. One of the reasons co-working spaces are gaining traction is because they create a more casual, fluid work environment that appeals to the young, mobile work force.

Work spaces that are close to external amenities, such as gyms, shopping centres and restaurants are in high demand. Young professionals want to have easy access to leisure activities, letting them hit the gym, enjoy lunch with friends, or simply relax, while still ready to head back to the office at any moment’s notice.Co-working spaces help professionals move seamlessly between their work life and their personal life.

Locations Outside of the City

Of course, not all co-working spaces should be in the city or close to the business districts. Co-working offices outside of the city also have their merits.

Some people prefer working outside of the city because it’s more attuned to their lifestyle. Others simply live in the suburbs or want a quiet place where they can focus on work away from the noise and bustle of busy streets.

When choosing a location outside of the city, make sure to do your due diligence and research about the demand in your chosen area. Make sure that there is an actual demand for co-working spaces in your area before you invest.

These are just some of the many factors that you have to take into account when choosing a location for your co-working franchise.

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