If you have the slightest interest with the idea of putting up a co-working space business, chances if you are wondering how you could differentiate it from all the other spaces. After all, the number of co-working spaces in Australia is growing at a high rate. In Melbourne alone, the volume of co-working spaces grew by 35% in 2017.  Don’t let the competitive market scare you from buying into a co-working space franchise, here are a few ways your venture could stand out.

An office layout

Focus on Interior Design

People opt for co-working spaces because they want to steer clear of the stiff set-up of traditional offices. So your co-working space should sport a beautiful, practical design that feels less like an office and more like a home. Although some franchises already have playful set-ups, you could still create variations. This could help members be more comfortable and productive.

Stock Up on Supplies

Even if most employees use laptops, they still need basic office supplies like paper, sticky notes, pens, envelopes and folders. So co-working spaces that offer these work essentials are especially attractive. Moreover, some employees run on coffee, tea, and snacks, so it’s smart to have a vending machine or coffee maker around. If you keep these in stock, your tenants don’t have to stop working for too long to buy a food elsewhere.

Manage Online Presence

Highlight the prime location of your co-working space on your online campaigns. Although your clients are employees who are shifting from a traditional office setup, they still want to be near conveniences. They are most likely chosen a space that offers just that. Moreover, use your online presence to emphasise what makes your co-working space better than others (say, a great interior design or office supplies).

Engage Your Members

When you want your co-working space to stand out, all you need to offer your clients more than just space. Your tenants could benefit from occasional talks or workshops. Not only would it improve your skills, but it could also foster collaborative interaction. Moreover, it could attract new tenants because your space has added value.

At Venture X, we offer a great co-working franchise opportunity, as well as continues training and support to ensure the success of your branch. Contact us today and learn more about our co-working space business opportunities.