Opening a co-working franchise business with Venture X is a great way to break into a flourishing new industry with the guidance of experts. Venture X is leading the charge in this exciting sector. When you franchise with us, we’ll help you with a wide range of pre-opening tasks including finding the perfect location, negotiating a lease, and training you in the ins and outs of our business. You can also count on our support to beautify the interior of your location. Venture X is famous for our modern design, art and architecture, setting us apart from the drab office spaces of the past. Here are a few ways our design experts help our franchisees beautify their co-working franchise business locations:

An Emphasis on Form and Function

Above all else, Venture X co-working franchise business locations need to be productive workspaces that foster creativity and collaboration. Our design experts work to create spaces that are aesthetically pleasing, but also easy to work in. One way we make sure our spaces are conducive to getting things done is by offering a range of different workspace options. Venture X clients are able to choose if they’d like a communal workspace, a dedicated workspace, or a whole office! Venture X locations are spacious so that all of these different types of workspace are available when clients need them. We also provide open areas where our clients can collaborate, such as our cafe that keeps clients caffeinated and energized to stay productive!

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Beautiful Spaces to Foster Creativity

Many Venture X clients are freelance professionals who work in fields such as photography, graphic design, writing, and so forth. These workers love that Venture X spaces are beautifully designed, making it fun for them to come to work. We make our Venture X locations attractive by cultivating great collections of modern art, painting in bold colors, emphasizing textures like natural wood grain, and more. We want the experience of working in one of our locations to feel like to spending time in a luxury hotel, making it enjoyable to spend time in our workspaces. The Venture X client loves our emphasis on high design, and finds inspiration in surrounding themselves with a beautiful, modern aesthetic as opposed to a beige cubicle.

Everything Clients Need to Get Work Done

Of course, design is just one of the aspects of what makes Venture X such a great choice for freelance professionals. It’s important that clients have access to the tools they need to get the job done effectively. We also offer all of the tools they need to work productively. Within our beautifully-designed workspaces, we offer high-speed internet, access to printers, meeting rooms, and more. Our clients love that they can count on us to provide them with the services they need to be successful.

These are just a few of the ways design plays an important part in Venture X co-working franchise business locations. Contact us today to learn more about the process of opening your own co-working space!