Co-working spaces allow people to enjoy certain liberties such as coming into work at their preferred hour. This does not mean, however, that there are no unwritten social rules in a co-working space. For people who are unfamiliar with co-working spaces, here are some do’s and don’ts to be aware of when working in a shared space:Co-workers discussing

Do help in keeping your shared space clean.

A clean and tidy working space eliminates distractions and any discomfort for you and your new friends. Try to make your desk as clean and neat as possible. Don’t leave your things in other people’s areas. Clean up after yourself when you use the pantry, lavatory or any other facility.

Don’t be the office hog.

One of coworking’s perks is the ability to use facilities and equipment that would’ve been too expensive were you to purchase or hire them on your own. This should come with the sensitivity, however, that you’re not the only one who’s going to use the facilities. When you book the conference room, try your best to get out on time or a few minutes earlier.

Do take advantage of a co-working space’s sense of community… but don’t be too reliant on your co-workers.

Many choose co-working spaces for the opportunity to network and collaborate. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn from other businesses or find a business you can work with. Take care, however, not too hard sell your products or services to your co-workers as this will more likely end up with your co-workers avoiding you and your business’ offerings. Also, bring your own office supplies and avoid constantly asking your new friends for spare articles.

This is the bottom-line: be considerate and respectful of the people you are sharing your space with. People rent space in a co-working place to avoid the distractions of home or cafes and be productive – so everyone should help each other in that sense.

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