If you’re looking for the perfect co-working space franchise, Venture X could be the virtual office franchise opportunity for you. Our work spaces are flexible enough to meet the needs of many different freelancers, entrepreneurs, corporate teams, and more. If you’re thinking of opening one of our locations, check out some common questions we get from prospective franchisees, and don’t hesitate to contact us after you’re done reading to learn even more about this exciting investment opportunity.

What Does My Initial Investment Cover?

One of the benefits of  Venture X’s virtual office franchise opportunity is that our initial investment is so comprehensive. We like to think of ourselves as a turnkey business. Your investment covers virtually everything you’ll need to get your business up and running, including training and support programmes, furniture, fixtures, and more. Many independent business owners have a hard time estimating their cost of investment due to their limited experience in the industry, but our years of experience have helped us refine the process of opening a new Venture X location.

virtual office franchise opportunity venture x

What Kind of Experience Do I Need?

Another benefit of our virtual office franchise opportunity is that it comes with a comprehensive training programme designed to get newcomers to the industry up to speed on what it takes to run one of our locations. While experience in the hospitality industry or in customer service is certainly helpful, we believe that the most important quality our franchisees can possess is a desire to build their business.

Who Will My Customers Be?

Venture X customers are diverse and come from a number of industries. One thing they all have in common is that they need a workspace in order to conduct their business. The flexibility of our co-working spaces is an asset to those who need to work just once or twice a week, as well as to those who need a dedicated office every day. This flexibility combined with the collaborative and creative environment in our co-working spaces put traditional beige cubicles to shame. Our clients love being able to work at their convenience in our exiting workspaces.

These are just a few questions we often receive about our virtual office franchise opportunity. Contact us today to learn more about what it takes to become a Venture X franchisee!