Co-working spaces are more popular than ever, making now an excellent time to consider opening a serviced office franchise in Australia. While at Venture X we believe that our strong training program can help prepare professionals from many different backgrounds for running one of our co-working spaces, those franchisees with a background in the hospitality sector may find themselves particularly well-prepared for the job. Here’s a quick look at how your hospitality industry experience could mean a smooth transition into running a co-working space.

Dedication to Customer Service

Just as in a hotel or a restaurant, customer satisfaction is an important component of our business at Venture X. The product we are offering is a comfortable and productive work  environment that freelancers and entrepreneurs can utilize when they need it. Keeping our customers coming back hinges on offering them a positive experience at every turn. If you’ve already mastered the art of customer service and satisfaction, you may find that running a serviced office franchise in Australia is easier than it sounds.

serviced office franchise in Australia Venture X

Cultivating a Welcoming Atmosphere

At Venture X,  we pride ourselves on the creative and  comfortable atmospheres we’ve developed in each of our franchise locations. A far cry from the stuffy white offices and cubicles of the past, our locations stand out due to the incorporation of modern art, bold colors, rich wood grain, and more. If you have experience cultivating a welcoming atmosphere in the hospitality industry, you may find that keeping your Venture X location looking sleek and inviting requires the same skillset.

Managing Scheduling

Just like running a hotel, Venture X co-working spaces rely on efficient scheduling in order to keep track of reservations. Because each of our clients requires a unique space and time slot, it’s important that our franchisees are especially organized when it comes to creating and maintaining schedules. Our clients love that when they sign up with Venture X, they can access the space they need when they need it. With a variety of workspaces and time commitments to choose from, we have plans to suit the needs of just about any professional in need of a place to work. This flexibility is an important part of running a serviced office franchise in  Australia.

As you can see, there are many similarities between the skillsets needed in the hospitality industry, and running a serviced office franchise in Australia. Contact us today to learn more about becoming a Venture X franchisee!