Now more than ever, freelancers, entrepreneurs and other professionals find it easy to find a co-working space. With many co-working spaces to choose from, how do workers choose and what factors and features do they take into consideration?

Man working on a open work space

Why Professionals Flock to Coworking Spaces

Before we identify what professionals look for in a co-working space, let’s examine why co-working spaces are attracting independent professionals.

First, co-working spaces allow independent workers to have more job control that both a traditional office and a home office can’t provide. Workers can decide how much work they can put in within the day. With access to amenities like cafes, gyms and break rooms, co-working spaces take away the pressure of deadlines and time constraints from workers who want more freedom.

Second, people can decide if they wish to work alone or with a community of professionals from various industries. Too much autonomy may hinder the flow of productivity, which is the case for many professionals who work from home. In co-working spaces, there’s more room for collaboration. People easily get into a collaborative spirit, which is not always possible given thehierarchy and structures in a traditional office.

Lastly, since co-working spaces are able to gather entrepreneurs from different niches, workers are able to network and brainstorm together. Many start-up companies and inter-business collaborations began in co-working spaces because of the community. At the same time, socialisation flows naturally and most interactions among entrepreneurs happen spontaneously over coffee breaks.

Key Considerations in Choosing a Co-working Space

Looking for a co-working space that fits your preferences and your work style is like looking for a new place to call home.

Generally, people look for a co-working space that not only offers the best price, but also comes with a wide range of amenities. Need a quick coffee run? An ideal co-working space must have its own coffee station or cafe. Need to grab a quick bite? Then a co-working space that’s a walk away from many dining options is an attractive prospect.

While access to facilities is a great bonus, professionals also look for a co-working space that’s close to home or places like their children’s school or the grocery. The availability of a carpark is another important factor in the selection.

Finally, professionals want a co-working space that breeds a vibrant and warm culture. Knowing that co-working spaces could eventually become like a second home, they must feel attuned to the people, as well as the environment.

An Inspiring, Diverse and Collaborative Co-working Space

Venture X is a modern workspace that has an inspiring, diverse and collaborative community. Our co-working spaces are suitable for start-ups, freelancers and other self-employed professionals who want to work collaboratively within a creative environment.

If you want to learn more about the current demands of the co-working industry, or have questions about our franchise opportunities, feel free to contact us today.We look forward to hearing from you.