Coworking spaces are on the rise amongst Australian businesses. In Melbourne alone, property experts from Knight Frank found that the number of new coworking hubs has surged by 750% in the last three years. Their growing popularity has been attributed to the rise of start-up companies, the influx of Gen Y workers and a great shift toward self-employment.

Coworking Spaces

Many businesses in the world have found great success in coworking spaces. For the creative industry, more specifically, the setup is favourable. Here’s why:

Collaborative Environment

A coworking space is founded on a non-corporate design that eliminates physical barriers such as cubicles and private offices. This encourages collaborative learning, not only within the team but also with other businesses in the building. Freelancers will find it easy to interact with others and join forces with other creative agencies on various projects.

Effortless Work Exposure

Emerging graphic artists, writers and architects often have difficulties making a name in their respective fields. Talent in the wrong environment can go unnoticed or ignored. In a coworking hub, artists will have many opportunities show their work to other people in the industry. They are most likely to form relationships with like-minded individuals who value the craft as much as they do.

Improved Morale and Productivity

When employees have little to no engagement in the workplace, there is an 87% chance they will depart the company quicker then expected. When a creative business establishes its company in a coworking space, its employees are more likely to stay with the team longer than those who work in more rigid environments. Coworking spaces improve their morale and general outlook on their jobs. The better the morale of a worker, the more productive they become.

A collaborative workplace is the workplace of the future. With Venture X, you can franchise coworking spaces and help other creative businesses thrive. Contact us and start your business with us today.