Serviced office franchises like Venture X are growing in popularity, especially among millennials, also known as Generation Y. In 2007, co-working spaces were almost unheard of with only 14 documented co-working spaces in the U.S. They’ve now exploded in popularity, with 11,100 locations in the U.S., and growing fast. The industry is expanding across Australia as well with over 300 locations currently. Here are a few reasons why millennials are driving this growth.


Co-working spaces are great for freelancers. The flexibility to use a variety of spaces (from shared spaces to private offices) when they’re needed is appealing to freelancers who don’t work regular hours. At Venture X, the range of plans we offer our customers are especially enticing to freelancers. Millennials are increasingly turning to freelance employment in the US, with nearly 50% of millennials already doing freelance work. In general, freelancing is also on the rise in Australia, with approximately 1 in 3 workers employed as freelancers. The popularity of this growing workforce makes now a great time to invest in a serviced office franchise like Venture X.

Of course, our clients aren’t limited to freelancers. Our franchisees can also take advantage of business from larger corporate teams looking for a place to work independently, consultants, and remote workers. A Venture X co-working space will help you to take advantage of business from many sectors of your local workforce.

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Modern Design

At Venture X, the beautiful modern design of our serviced office franchises is one reason that millennials feel comfortable and at-home in our work spaces. Freelance workers who are looking for something different than the typical drab, fluorescent-lit office settings of the past appreciate our modern decorating, comfortable seating, and easy-access to amenities like a coffee bar. The comfortable design of our co-working spaces is one reason why millennial freelancers love getting things done with Venture X.

Central Locations

We encourage our franchisees to seek out centrally-located spots to develop their Venture X co-working spaces. Positioning your business in a CBD area or near to a transportation hub will help to make it easier for millennials throughout your area to access your location. Furthermore, having a centrally-located Venture X will help your customers to direct their own clients to the space, making it easier for them to use the space to schedule meetings when needed. Our centrally-located co-working spaces are another reasons why Generation Y loves Venture X.

These are just a few reasons why millennials love working at Venture X. Generation Y is the largest generation in Australia, and are at an age where their careers are beginning to flourish. Venture X franchisees are perfectly positioned to take advantage of this trend by offering a serviced office franchise that millennials love to work with.