Professionals of today are dynamic, adaptable, and constantly on the go. Because of rapid improvements in technology, the workforce is not stuck behind a desk. Instead, they take their work with them everywhere – cafes, parks, even the beach.

While the corporate world is still trying to catch up and get rid of cubicles, much of the workforce is looking for something more casual, collaborative, and flexible. A place where they can be inspired. A place to innovate.

A coworking space is the answer. This need for increased flexibility was the impetus for the coworking industry to form and flourish. These shared work spaces are where professionals in all industry can gather to get work done, network, and collaborate.

Venture X is the coworking franchise that is leading the industry with opportunities for investors to get into this market and start their own shared office spaces.

venture x coworking space

Say Goodbye to the Cubicle

The American Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated that by 2020 as many as 65 million Americans will own their own businesses or be doing freelance, temp, or independent contractor work. That is a full 40% of the American workforce that is not tethered to a cramped cubicle.

The story is the same here in Australia, where business ownership is up and the younger generation is less interested in traditional corporate life than their parents and grandparents. Investing in a coworking space capitalizes on this growing trend.

Income Opportunities

Venture X is set up to provide the kind of coworking space that your customers are looking for while maximizing your profit potential. We have a unique combination of well-designed open spaces with shared desks and higher-revenue private offices, conference rooms, and more. By offering a variation, you can get the most out of your investment and boost your bottom line.

You will also be able to host events and provide additional business services, both of which add revenue streams as well.

The Venture X Business Model

How it works is simple. Like other sharing companies, Venture X franchisees are responsible for providing the coworking space, then clients purchase memberships to gain access to the open areas or private offices, depending on their preference.

One of our greatest differentiators is that our memberships extend to all Venture X coworking spaces, which means that members have access to other members wherever they happen to be. This is great for those who travel a lot for work (or play), as they can find the closest Venture X to their destination and enjoy all the same perks as their home base. Independent coworking spaces simply cannot compete with this benefit.

The Venture X Difference

We are more than just a shared office space. We are efficient. We are collaborative. We spark fresh ideas. We are not just for tech companies and startups; instead, we are an ideal solution for the wider workforce that needs a professional place to work hard. Freelancers, remote workers, and teams from large corporations can all benefit from our business model.

There’s a little something for every work style at Venture X. Open space with shared desks allow for ongoing engagement and networking. Private offices, complete with sound insulated walls, allow members to shut the door for a little solo work time. But don’t worry! Private offices have large windows facing the group spaces, so collaboration is still happening.

Franchises Available!

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