The Industry Giants Behind Venture X

United Franchise Group and Venture X are a perfect pair. Both are dedicated to finding creative business solutions. UFG has experience working with entrepreneurs and supporting them as they become franchise owners, which is just what the Venture X brand needs.

Meet the team that makes our coworking office space business tick.

Jason Anderson

President, Venture X

jason anderson
Rich with franchising, real estate, marketing and technology experience, Jason Anderson leads the Venture X brand. Jason oversees all aspects of the growth and development of this dynamic business after serving in other leadership roles at United Franchise Group including President of Accurate Franchising and Chief Technology Officer. Jason also has strong real estate management skills which he honed as the founder of Premier Property Marketing Group in Dallas. It was in that capacity that he was recognized by Forbes Magazine in their coveted “30 Under 30” list which chronicles the brashest entrepreneurs across North America.

Ray Titus

CEO, United Franchise Group


Ray Titus is an award-winning entrepreneur and leader in the international franchise industry. After starting UFG in 1986 with his father Roy, Ray has gone on to receive honors and awards for his outstanding leadership, philanthropic efforts, and entrepreneurial excellence. In addition to being an accomplished businessman, Ray is well-regarded as a speaker and author.

Evan Foster

Director, Established Brands – Australia


With over 15 years of experience in the franchise industry, Evan leads the charge with all UFG’s brands in Australia. His background is in sales and marketing, which is helping the Venture X coworking office space business grow into a market leader in Australia. After starting with UFG in 2006, Evan is an expert in every facet of our business.

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