A New Venture

Venture X started our shared workspace business as a collaboration. Bringing together some of the best minds in the business world has led us to where we are, and we can’t wait to see what comes next.

Real estate investor and entrepreneur David Diamond started Venture X with the help of his son Brett. As a long time supporter of other tech startups, David could see that coworking spaces helped those businesses succeed without compromising on the social experience that young entrepreneurs desired. Brett was inspired by the idea of a shared workspace business, so the pair founded Venture X in Naples, Florida in 2012.

What the Diamonds saw then was the emergence of new trends in corporate life. The era of spending your days in a cramped cubicle is over for many people in the mobile work world, and coworking spaces are providing new and innovative options. David and Brett started Venture X to capitalize on that.

The Future of Coworking

In the few short years since 2013, the number of small businesses in Australia has increased by 43%, showing that Australians are not accepting traditional employment and are looking for new and creative ways to make a living. Venture X is a perfect solution for those entrepreneurs and independent contractors who are working for themselves and want to keep overhead costs down without missing out on a rich, collaborative working community.

The first shared workspace business opened in Australia in 2007, and since then the industry has seen tremendous growth. Just since 2013, coworking has recorded 750% growth! Now is the ideal time to get on board when you are still ahead of the trend; as freelancing, generational changes, structural economic changes, and sharing industries all rise, Venture X is perfectly positioned to thrive.

Our shared workspace franchise has an attractive and effective model. As franchisee, you will provide the modern workspace with all the amenities to your members who purchase private memberships granting them access to our open areas or private offices.

Multiple Revenue Streams

Venture X is not the only business model built on collaboration: transportation and vacation destinations are two major sharing industries that have become major players worldwide. Venture X is at the forefront of the shared workspace franchise industry, which provides solutions for clients and owners alike.

Earn revenue with your Venture X franchise in a number of ways. First, regular memberships with clients who can choose a shared workspace or a private office, whichever better suits their needs. Additionally, hosting events like corporate parties, meetings, or conventions boost your bottom line with more revenue. On top of all that, you will be equipped to provide additional business services that make the experience even more helpful for your members.

We want to hear from you! Let’s talk about this exciting shared workspace franchise opportunity and how it fits into your future plans. Give us a call today at 1300 653 768 or email us at [email protected]