Before investing in our brand, you are wise to ask some of our coworking space commonly asked questions.

Investing in any franchise opportunity is a big decision, so we encourage our franchisees to voice their questions and concerns early on in the process. Here is a list of the coworking space commonly asked questions and their answers to give you the information you need to get started.

faq-q Why should I invest in a franchise instead of starting my own business?


Investing in a franchise is investing in a proven business model. All of the guesswork that comes with opening your own business from scratch is eliminated because you are joining a network that has been in your position before. Additionally, franchise owners get training and support that independent entrepreneurs never have access to, which prepares you for business ownership better and faster.

faq-q How much should I expect to invest in a Venture X franchise?


There are a variety of factors that influence the total investment, including location costs, build out, legal requirements, staffing, equipment, and more. Franchisees pay a standard franchise fee of $84,500 and the total estimated investment is $1 million.

faq-q Do you offer financial assistance to help me start my franchise?


Qualifying franchisees may be able to receive financing through our trusted partners. The best way to get started is to get in touch with us and start a conversation about your future plans.

faq-q Is there any particular industry experience required to open a Venture X franchise?


While we do not limit ourselves to certain industry experience requirements, we do look for franchisees with basic business sense. While a related background is useful, many of our strongest franchisees came to us with no experience in coworking spaces. Our training and support are designed to fully prepare you to open and operate a Venture X franchise.

faq-q How will I keep up with industry trends if I am busy running my coworking space?


We are proud to assist our franchise owners on a consistent and ongoing basis. That includes updating you on changes to our brand or innovations in the industry so that you can stay competitive. We have resources in place to help you stay on the cutting edge of all the trends in the marketplace.

faq-q I’m interested, but not sure I’m ready to commit. What are the next steps?


A Venture X franchise begins with a simple conversation. Get in touch with us for a no-pressure, no-obligation conversation about your goals, our brand, and what it means to be Venture X. We can address your concerns and answer all your questions.

1300 653 768 or [email protected]