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Venture X offers a coworking space franchise opportunity to answer the demand for collaborative workspaces, inspiring communities, and diverse networks in your area


Franchising with
Venture X

  • Venture X has developed a proven business model to remove any uncertainty that comes with starting a business on your own. Our tried-and-tested business model helps franchise coworking space owners capitalize on the future of business with a complete turnkey solution to launch and grow their unique and modern shared office space business with relative ease.
  • We’re invested in our franchise owners, and as part of our partnership with franchising giant Starpoint Brands, we’re able to devote serious resources to support the success of our franchisees. Our world-class training program, endless operational support, and top-notch marketing resources are designed to set you on the path to success and give your location the attention it deserves to prosper.
  • Our fully turnkey business opportunity includes everything you need to launch your business. With our shared office space franchise opportunity, we’ll show you how to cater your business to a new breed of professionals who are seeking adaptable and dynamic workspaces by working with you every step of the way.
  • We’ll help you stand out from the competition by offering the amenities members want, like attractive-yet-functional workspaces, fully-equipped meeting rooms, concierge-level services, convenient, 24/7 access, centralized café and reception area, weekly social and networking events, and an online member network. By accommodating the needs of a diverse membership base, you’ll have multiple revenue streams and daily opportunities to connect and provide mentoring opportunities for your members.

Venture X Coworking Franchise Investment Information

Here’s an idea of the potential costs you can expect to get your Venture X location off the ground (does not include GST):

$175,000 – $600,000

Master License Fee

Investment Low


Franchising Options

Master License Partners: As a Master License Partner, we’ll work with you to adapt our brand and model to your country. Master licensees understand the local market, business dynamics, and tendencies of the local people. You’ll have the opportunity to earn profits in four ways: with your flagship location, by recruiting additional franchise investors in different territories, ongoing royalties from franchisees, and by offering products, services, and supplies to your franchisees.

Products and Services

Offered by Venture X

Venture X office rental franchise owners can offer their members a variety of rich work environments and collaborative workspaces with upscale design and attractive amenities. You’ll provide the space for your members to launch, develop, and grow their businesses with workspace solutions that include:

Private Offices

Virtual Offices

Dedicated Desk

shared desk workspaces

Meeting Rooms

Coworking Space for team

Open Space and Higher
Income Opportunity


Venture X is an award-winning coworking franchise system that enables franchisees to bring shared office space to professionals in their communities. We offer a place where employees, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and more members from all industries can come together to network, collaborate, and innovate in a truly modern workspace.

We Offer an Attractive Franchise Model

Our upscale facilities provide exceptional comfort and lend an air of sophistication to the business, and are designed to maximise franchisee profitability. As a shared office space franchise owner, you’ll offer your customers membership options providing them access to their preferred office space, whether attracting clients with a smaller budget to work in shared spaces or driving higher revenue with clients opting for private offices and conference room rentals.

We Provide Multiple Revenue Streams

As a franchisee, you’ll have the opportunity to earn multiple income and revenue streams by offering exclusive virtual and community memberships, add-ons, amenities, and more.

We’re Part of a Growing Industry

More individuals and companies are opting for remote or freelance work more than ever, and coworking spaces have risen to meet the office needs of a collaborative, inspiring, and stimulating workforce.


Flexibility is the name of the game at Venture X. We know that not all of our members work during regular business hours, so we’ve made it easy for them to work on their own schedule with round-the-clock access to our coworking franchise facilities.

Ideal Candidates

Hotel Owner


Ideal candidates for the Venture X franchise opportunity can be just about anyone but typically include hotel owners, real estate investors, retail center owners, and a variety of other commercial business owners. Our flexible franchise models are designed to work for investors of all different backgrounds so you can grow your wealth while breaking into a booming market.

Retail Space

Free Standing

Ideal Spaces

Why is Venture X the Franchisor for Me?
There are many great reasons to choose Venture X, but one of the most compelling is that our business model has already proven itself effective. Since 2012, we have opened more than 30 locations and have signed agreements for more than 100+ locations in more than 30 countries, with more opening their doors all the time.

On one end of the spectrum are conventional office buildings with expensive leases, fluorescent lighting, and drab cubicles. On the other end are play-while-working co-working facilities with amenities like indoor putting greens, beer on tap, and other features that can be distracting to the dedicated professional. Our facilities have to be seen to be believed, designed by world-renowned architects and furnished with the latest in high-end office tables and chairs. Venture X franchises are comfortable and accessible to anyone who’s looking for a flexible place to work.

I'd Like to Know How to Start a Coworking Space Business Within My Budget
Starting any new business requires a significant investment, but a review of our investment page demonstrates that a Venture X franchise requires a significant amount of capital. We don’t just want our franchisees to start any coworking space, we want them to open a facility that gives them the best shot at success. At Venture X, we believe in doing things right the first time, and that sometimes requires a greater investment on the part of our franchisees. Our shared workspaces work well in urban and suburban environments, and the total investment starts at around $1.1 million (before any concessions or financing options), including our modest one-time initial franchise fee of $60,000.
What Will My Role Be as the Franchise Owner?
One of the best parts of franchising with Venture X is that our franchisees can decide for themselves how hands-on they’d like to be. If you’re wondering how to start a coworking space while still having time for yourself, your other business ventures, or your family, our investment opportunity might be just what you’ve been looking for. Many of our franchise owners opt to purchase one or more locations and entrust the day-to-day operations to their professional staff. Other franchisees prefer to be more hands-on and like to be involved in daily management. Whichever option you choose, you should expect to invest time and attention in your new business in its early stages.
Can I Open Multiple Locations?
Yes! Venture X franchisees who opt to purchase more than one location will enjoy significant discounts on their franchise fee. If you’ve been researching how to start a shared office space franchise, purchasing multiple units is a great way to maximize your investment. Our team has plenty of experience getting multiple locations up and running simultaneously, so we can make the process as smooth as possible for franchisees. Alternatively, other franchisees leverage the growth of a single location into the purchase of a second or third. However you decide to go about it, Venture X is there to help you expand your holdings in the coworking space industry.