Why Venture X? 3 Reasons You Just Can’t Say No

Coworking spaces are growing more and more popular, and now is a better time than ever to invest if you’re thinking of getting in on the action. But which route should you choose? You could open your own, independently-owned coworking space, but this option comes with a lot of uncertainty. You could choose one of the many coworking space brands to franchise with, but how do you know which one is right for you? VentureX, a leader in the industry, is an excellent option for entrepreneurs who want a smooth franchise experience!

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Attractive, functional workspaces

One of our goals is to maintain workspaces that are attractive and modern. Compared to the cubicles of the past, our eye-catching and cutting-edge designs are meant to inspire creativity while also providing functionality. Our customers know that they can count on our workspaces to provide them with the resources they need and want (such as a café area, high-speed internet, and more!). Our eye for design is just one of the ways we stand apart from the competition.

Part of a trusted family of brands

VentureX is proud to be a part of the United Franchise Group (UFG), a Florida-based group headquartered in the United States. We represent many trusted franchise brands and know what it takes to help our franchisees build their business. As a UFG franchisee, you’ll receive training and support above and beyond what most of our competition can offer. Everything from initial training to marketing support is provided for you when you become a VentureX franchisee. With UFG standing behind you, you’ll never have to worry about making important decisions alone.

A range of services

VentureX is extremely flexible in the range of services we provide to our clients. Whether they need an office once a month, once a week, or every day, we’ll have just the right plan to fit the needs of your clients. Our flexibility is just one of the reasons our franchisees enjoy doing business with us. We’re able to give them exactly what they need to satisfy their clientele.

These are just a few of the reasons why the VentureX franchise opportunity is right for you. Reach out to us today to learn more about why we’re a leader in our industry!

Tips on Running a Shared Office Space

Welcome clients who only come in weekly

Many of our clients only need to use their shared office space once a week.. It can be easy for these clients to feel as though they’re guests in someone else’s home when they come in to work. Since these clients are an important part of our business, it’s important to make them feel at home when they come in to work. Remembering their name, where they like to sit, or how they take their coffee are great ways to let these clients know that they’re valued members of the collaborative space.

shared office space venture x

Don’t be overbearing

VentureX is unique among co-working spaces because of our emphasis on community. We host regular educational and social events for our clients who would like to attend. But be mindful of the personal space of our clients, and keep in mind that these events aren’t for everyone. If some of your clients choose to simply come to work without taking advantage of these events, let them know that they are always welcome, but don’t push them to attend.

Keep your space comfortable and attractive

VentureX stands apart from other coworking spaces due to the high-design and comfort of our facilities. Our clients have opted not to work in a cubicle, and they love being able to come to work in a cutting-edge space. Keep your beautiful VentureX space attractive by making sure it stays clean and well-maintained.

Don’t worry if you have little experience in this industry

The co-working space industry is still evolving, and it’s a new career for many of our franchisees! One of the benefits of working with VentureX is that we’re a part of the United Franchise Group of brands, and as such you’ll have access to top-notch training and support to prepare you for running your co-working space.

These are just a few pointers to get you started as you enter the co-working spaces industry. When you franchise with VentureX, we’ll have plenty more advice and information to fill you in on. Reach out to us today to get started!

How to Build Your Own Co-working Space

More companies are realising the benefits of mobilising their workforce. Some are giving their employees the opportunity to work remotely instead of the traditional set-up for staying in the office for eight hours.

Freelancers at a co-working space

Meanwhile, full-time freelancers, small business groups and remote employees have full control and freedom to choose their workspace. In the past, this was limited to two choices: the comfort of their homes or the quiet ambience of cafes.

Recently, with the growing availability and popularity co-working spaces, the face of freelancing and self-employment is quickly changing. Collaborations are made more possible and opportunities to innovate are increasing.

Co-working space is a shared worked environment where people can broaden their network and team up on projects. These spaces provide a contemporary and creative area to work.

When opening a co-working space, you’re faced with two main requirements: a space and a group of people with the same interest.

Building it into a proper space and a business is where things get complicated. Avoid all the hassle by taking advantage of a great co-working space franchise opportunity with VentureX!

The Demand for a Shared Working Space

Before deciding on starting your co-working space business, make sure there is a demand for it in the area that you plan to build it. The idea of co-working needs to be marketed based on its benefits.

Consider hosting a few events that promote the idea of opening a coworking space. Use social media to blast event details and invitations to get as many friends or colleagues to join.

Finding the Right Location

Consider finding a space that is accessible and easy to find. Coworking spaces work well in buildings that have been vacant for a while or have not been used to their maximum capacity. Finding these spaces may help you work out a good deal with a property manager to secure a reasonably priced lease. When you franchise with VentureX, our experts can help you find the perfect location for your new co-working space.


Providing the right facilities and amenities attracts your users. High-speed internet, multiple electrical outlets and conference rooms – these are just some of the features that make a coworking space fully functional.

A Co-working Franchise is the Key to Success

If you need assistance in opening a co-working space, Venture X is the company to call. We provide the opportunity to open a co-working space franchise, so you don’t build the business from the ground up.

As a Venture X franchisee, you can expect world-class training, on-going collaboration and market launch expertise to ensure that your space grows successfully.

We work with you to iron out all details, from financing options, to site selection, to lease negotiation, to build-outs. With us, you get a truly turnkey franchise opportunity.

If you have any inquiries, call 1300 653 768 or reach out to us online!

What People Want from a Co-Working Space

Now more than ever, freelancers, entrepreneurs and other professionals find it easy to find a co-working space. With many co-working spaces to choose from, how do workers choose and what factors and features do they take into consideration?

Man working on a open work space

Why Professionals Flock to Coworking Spaces

Before we identify what professionals look for in a co-working space, let’s examine why co-working spaces are attracting independent professionals.

First, co-working spaces allow independent workers to have more job control that both a traditional office and a home office can’t provide. Workers can decide how much work they can put in within the day. With access to amenities like cafes, gyms and break rooms, co-working spaces take away the pressure of deadlines and time constraints from workers who want more freedom.

Second, people can decide if they wish to work alone or with a community of professionals from various industries. Too much autonomy may hinder the flow of productivity, which is the case for many professionals who work from home. In co-working spaces, there’s more room for collaboration. People easily get into a collaborative spirit, which is not always possible given thehierarchy and structures in a traditional office.

Lastly, since co-working spaces are able to gather entrepreneurs from different niches, workers are able to network and brainstorm together. Many start-up companies and inter-business collaborations began in co-working spaces because of the community. At the same time, socialisation flows naturally and most interactions among entrepreneurs happen spontaneously over coffee breaks.

Key Considerations in Choosing a Co-working Space

Looking for a co-working space that fits your preferences and your work style is like looking for a new place to call home.

Generally, people look for a co-working space that not only offers the best price, but also comes with a wide range of amenities. Need a quick coffee run? An ideal co-working space must have its own coffee station or cafe. Need to grab a quick bite? Then a co-working space that’s a walk away from many dining options is an attractive prospect.

While access to facilities is a great bonus, professionals also look for a co-working space that’s close to home or places like their children’s school or the grocery. The availability of a carpark is another important factor in the selection.

Finally, professionals want a co-working space that breeds a vibrant and warm culture. Knowing that co-working spaces could eventually become like a second home, they must feel attuned to the people, as well as the environment.

An Inspiring, Diverse and Collaborative Co-working Space

Venture X is a modern workspace that has an inspiring, diverse and collaborative community. Our co-working spaces are suitable for start-ups, freelancers and other self-employed professionals who want to work collaboratively within a creative environment.

If you want to learn more about the current demands of the co-working industry, or have questions about our franchise opportunities, feel free to contact us today.We look forward to hearing from you.

Choosing the Right Location for Your Co-working Franchise

A co-working space is an excellent way to reach out and cater to Australia’s increasing number of freelancers. As work culture evolves, so must the office space. A co-working space is the result of these changes. It allows freelancers, small start-ups and travelling professionals to plug in, plan and collaborate with others, while still enjoying the comforts of a well-equipped workspace.

Freelancers on one table discussing together

While providing excellent amenities and comfortable furniture is crucial to ensure the success of your co-working space, the location is one of the factors that could make or break your business. Find a location that is convenient, attractive and appealing to start your co-working franchise in Australia.


One of the hallmarks of a great location is convenience. Generally, people flock to co-working spaces that are close to major transport links, such as bus stops or train stations. Access to a nearby carpark is also an attractive factor. A co-working space should be accessible to people using public transport and to those drive to work.

Co-working spaces do well in major business districts. They provide tenants with more opportunities to meet with other businesses and potential clients. The familiar location makes it easier for others to find the space. Over all, it creates more networking opportunities for everyone involved.

Access to Leisure Activities

The line between work and leisure is becoming increasingly blurred. One of the reasons co-working spaces are gaining traction is because they create a more casual, fluid work environment that appeals to the young, mobile work force.

Work spaces that are close to external amenities, such as gyms, shopping centres and restaurants are in high demand. Young professionals want to have easy access to leisure activities, letting them hit the gym, enjoy lunch with friends, or simply relax, while still ready to head back to the office at any moment’s notice.Co-working spaces help professionals move seamlessly between their work life and their personal life.

Locations Outside of the City

Of course, not all co-working spaces should be in the city or close to the business districts. Co-working offices outside of the city also have their merits.

Some people prefer working outside of the city because it’s more attuned to their lifestyle. Others simply live in the suburbs or want a quiet place where they can focus on work away from the noise and bustle of busy streets.

When choosing a location outside of the city, make sure to do your due diligence and research about the demand in your chosen area. Make sure that there is an actual demand for co-working spaces in your area before you invest.

These are just some of the many factors that you have to take into account when choosing a location for your co-working franchise.

Need advice on how to choose the perfect location for your new Venture X co-working franchise? Talk to us today.

At Venture X, we create turnkey solutions so you can launch and grow your co-working space business with confidence. From financing options to site selection, to lease negotiation and more, we’re there for you.

Request for more information or call 1300 653 768 today.