Sydney, AU

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Why should aspiring business owners in Sydney invest in a flex space with Venture X? Simple, when you open a Venture X location, you buy your own job and a business with growing demand.

Our franchise development team is constantly evaluating the market by searching for potential industry hotspots for our extraordinary service. When Sydney, Australia appeared on our radar, we identified that it would be the perfect fit for a Venture X location.


Now more than ever, business is being done on the go. Freelance is becoming more commonplace, and building a physical location for a new business is never cheap. Venture X has designed the perfect destination for startup business owners that can’t afford the costs associated with a larger location buildout, or a freelance workers who just want or need to escape their home offices.

The solution: Cutting-edge locations that provide the perfect space for innovation and creativity to live. Our collaborative office locations are the future of workspaces. Venture X started in Naples, Florida in 2012 and since then we have expanded and reached audiences around the world. This includes the UK, Costa Rica, Honduras, and Spain. Our brand is becoming a global hit, and with that kind of growth, Sydney, Australia, is one of the markets next on the list.


So the questions still remain, why Sydney, why now? While there has been an unwarranted stigma regarding freelance work, Australia has begun to see some positive change. We have identified some eye-opening statistics that should shed some light on the subject:

  • 1 million: Australians choose freelance work over a permanent position
  • 13 out of 175: When ranking countries by number of freelance workers, Australia came in at number 13
  • 746,000: Australians with regular jobs also earn extra cash in freelance positions (two in five have considered freelancing fulltime)
  • 68%: of Australians work remotely

Freelance appears to be making significant waves in Australia, and with the largest city in the country being Syndey, what better place to start a cutting-edge coworking hub?


Our team at Venture X has crafted a precise strategy to get you into your own coworking business faster than ever. What are the steps to start growing a workspace business investment in Sydney, Australia? Here is a brief rundown of what exactly that process looks like for our international franchisees.

  • Franchisee Form: The first step for your new future is simply getting to know each other. Once you fill out our form, a franchise development representative will reach out to you to continue discussing the investment. We also want to know about your aspirations as a business owner, your goals for a Venture X location, and really what brought you to this opportunity.
  • Request Our FDD: If you are familiar with the franchising process, you’ll know exactly what to expect here. For newer investors, this is simply a rundown of some important information you’ll need to know prior to making an investment. No trap doors, no last-minute surprises: we make sure throughout the investment process that we are fully transparent with investors about what the investment process looks like.
  • Training & Discovery Day: We’ve all sat down in an anxiety-filled job interview setting at one point, but this is not what this stage is at all. We will run down any more details about the investment that you have questions on and give some additional insight into the culture we have built. Our team has built up decades of industry-related knowledge that gives you incredible insight into the marketing, sales, and research that is needed to run one of our state-of-the-art locations.
  • Franchise Agreement: Time to put pen to paper! Essentially, this is the process of finalizing your contract. This agreement includes more information regarding royalty fees and our ongoing franchisor support.

Of course, there is far more to learn about the experience than we can explain here. So let’s start the conversation! Venture X is thrilled for the opportunity to continue to expand our brand internationally and build our first location in Australia.