Get Your Coworking Office Idea Off the Ground

If you have a prime location that makes for the ideal coworking office, Venture X has your back. Venture X creates a dynamic, diverse, and collaborative work environment that incorporates practical, beautiful interior design and the latest mobile technologies for a modern, flexible space. It has a playful, yet practical design, one that blends the best of modern office styles with the comfort of a boutique hotel.

We are a turnkey shared office space franchise opportunity that will help you cater for a new breed of professionals who want their work spaces to be as adaptable and dynamic as they are.

Potential Venture X franchisees should be careful to consider all financial obligations and expenses.

While this is a phenomenal investment opportunity, in order to ensure a successful launch, you’ll want to secure sufficient funding. Below is an outline of some of the costs you can expect to incur while getting your Venture X franchise off the ground.

The Franchise Fee

Our franchise fee is a standard, set amount of $84,500, based on a number of factors, including: company expenses for grant and acquisition, uniqueness of the business, complexity levels, overall revenue streams, just to name a few.

Liquid Capital

Readily convertible assets are referred to as liquid capital. This is an important determining factor in whether or not your business will be financially stable after your launch, until you begin to turn a profit. There is a minimum requirement of liquid capital in order to start your Venture X franchise.

Total Investment

As a Venture X franchisee, you can expect to invest approximately $1 million to $1.5 million which does include your $84,500 franchise fee. These costs cover a multitude of expenses such as furniture, appliances, media equipment, rent, insurance, and more.

Venture X Royalties

All Venture X franchisees will pay 6% of gross revenue towards royalties. This is a monthly, recurring expense for the life of your business, and covers such items as our ongoing support and other resources provided by the brand and corporate office.

To learn more about this exciting franchise opportunity or the investment profile, give us a call today at 1300 653 768