Get Your Coworking Office Idea Off the Ground

The dynamic and collaborative coworking office space that Venture X is so proud of incorporates elements of beautiful design and the latest technology to make a playful yet practical space. A coworking space investment helps you cater to a brand new type of professional: those who want a work space that is as flexible as they are.

Enter Venture X. Our turnkey investment comes with everything you need to create this ideal space. Here’s the breakdown:

While this coworking space investment presents an opportunity like any other, prospective franchisees need to secure sufficient funding to cover the expenses and financial obligations.

The Franchise Fee

The standard set franchise fee of $84,500 is a one-time payment that grants you permission to use our name, logo, network, and resources. The fee is based on a handful of factors, including the company’s expenses, our unique business model, and more.

Liquid Capital

As with any investment, readily convertible assets, or liquid capital, are a key indicator of whether your business will remain financially stable. We require a minimum amount of liquid capital in order to qualify you to invest in the Venture X brand.

Total Investment

The estimated total cost of a Venture X coworking space investment is between $1 million and $1.5 million. This estimate includes the franchise fee of $84,500 as well as your other expenses like insurance, furniture, media equipment, and others.

Venture X Royalties

In addition to your initial costs, Venture X owners pay royalties of 6% of their gross monthly sales. You make this payment on a monthly basis for the life of your business to cover things like our regional staff, industry updates, and ongoing support from our offices.

To learn more about this exciting franchise opportunity or the investment profile, give us a call today at 1300 653 768 or email us at [email protected]